Worthington MRO Center

Our Certificates

Worthington Aviation is more than just an aircraft parts distributor. We are also a certified 145 Repair Station. Our Eagan based facility, Worthington Repair Service, focuses on corporate and regional aircraft components and largely operates in a support capacity for our parts sales activities. Our Tulsa. facility, Worthington MRO (www.wavmro.com) is a larger 145 repair station that focuses on complete commercial structures overhaul and repairs. In addition to these certifications, Worthington Aviation is ASA 100 and ISO 9001 certified. Copies of these certifications are provided here, and more documentation is available on our Downloads page.

Our Partners

As part of the Stratus Aero Partners family, we are proud to partner with our global network of aviation experts to provide a range of parts and service solutions.

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